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This function will assist in adding support for a new data model to ReviewR. A schema file, supplied as a CSV, will be added to the package namespace such that upon connection to a database containing the new data model, ReviewR can identify and display it through the database detection module.

Users will be prompted to identify which table in the new data model contains a list of all patients. Additionally, users will be asked to select which field uniquely identifies each patient. This field must be present across all tables in the new data model for best results.

Once selections are captured, a database_tables.R file will be populated and opened for editing in RStudio. Basic table skeletons are created based on the provided schema and user selections.

Note: If the identifier field is not present across all tables, care must be taken to adjust the database_tables.R file to appropriately represent the new data model structure.





Required. The file path of a CSV file containing a data model schema


A .R file populated with basic database table functions

See also

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